Antonio Bernardo, MD

Humanitarian Work

Dr Bernardo had been showing a great interest, even before his premedical studies, in medicine and in the care of those in need. He was particularly taken, during his early travels, by the lack of proper surgical training in developing countries. In 1999, 2 years after he completed his neurosurgical training and after spending 2 extra years in learning complex skull base surgery techniques, he decided to spend 14 months as a neurosurgical volunteer for FIENS in Peru. He was so enriched by the whole experience that he decided to spend most of his future carrier in providing surgical care and hands-on training and education to neurosurgeons around the world. Since 2000 he has spent months on-site performing skull base surgery and teaching complex neurosurgical techniques to local neurosurgeons and setting up local training programs. He has found that working side-by-side with neurosurgeons in the developing world is the best way to share our knowledge with them. He has also found that passing on our knowledge is the best way to help the developing world help itself. In the last 15 years he has been involved personally on a routine basis in several countries including Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras, Bolivia, Uruguay.